Buffalo Gap Retreat

Campground, Cabins and Outdoor Activities

Book a cabin or a cottage and soak up the beauty of the West Virginia landscape. There are 12 cabins to choose from as well as private and communal campgrounds. Getaway with your sweetheart or bring the whole family! 

Check out the website to learn more about outdoors activities at Buffalo Gap


North River Retreat 

Lodging and Outdoor Activities

Are you looking for a place nearby to enjoy the outdoors with your family, a few close friends or your civic group?Have you enjoyed hunting, fishing, or shooting in the past, but public areas close to home are crowded and there is nowhere else to go? Do you want your children to grow up with an appreciation of the outdoors? If so, North River Retreat is the place for you!

Capon Springs Resort and Farm Composite_IBI9967.jpg

Capon Springs & Farms

Lodging, Outdoor Activities and Spa

With breathtaking scenery, farm fresh food, healing spring waters and camp-like activities, this resort is the perfect place for a getaway. Established originally as a 19th century resort, it is now third generation family-owned and operated, treating guests like personal friends visiting in their own home providing a variety of lodging options within the 115 room capacity.