Tucked in a peaceful valley, just west of Bear Garden Mountain, you will find the vibrant community of Capon Bridge. 


Our small town features many local-owned businesses, historic architecture and a wonderful mix of friendly people.  Come meet our extended families, down-to-earth artists, local farmers, inspiring young entrepreneurs and even some refugees of urban life.

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    CLICK to purchase a poster

The town rests on the banks of the beautiful Cacapon River which invites locals and travelers to relax, ease off the accelerator and roll down the windows.  Stop and talk, enjoy some refreshments and take in the scenery. 

Meet you by the Green Bridge!


Capon Bridge- homegrown businesses, deep-rooted history, and country charm.

The people of Capon Bridge are kind and the town has its own little flare. A charming small town, perfect for a country visit.
— recent visitor
I love to drive along the Cacapon, take in the fresh air, and lose myself in the beautiful West Virginia scenery.
— cabin owner

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