Looking to explore the local farmland? Visit one of the below farms and make memories together.


Kismet Acres Farm

Did you know that Alpacas produce one of the world’s finest and most luxurious natural fibers? Who wouldn’t want a scarf or a teddy bear made out of that? Kismet acres Farm raises alpacas for these lucrative fibers and creates beautiful products out of them. Want to shop handmade products and meet the alpacas?

Contact the farm to schedule a visit. 


Blue Moon Farm

Did you know that alpacas are gentle, naturally inquisitive and love children? Take an afternoon drive with the family through the country and visit the alpacas of Blue Moon Farm. Located just between Capon Bridge and Augusta, Blue Moon Farm is a great place to spend a fun day!

Contact the farm to schedule a visit.


Pacaville Farm

From spinning to dyeing to weaving, alpaca hair is used in the fiber arts. Farmers Karla and Jake specialize in the raising alpacas and harvesting their hair for use in fiber arts. They welcome the opportunity to show you their herd and their creations.

Contact the farm to schedule a visit.