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Have you ever wanted to go on a real-life treasure hunt? Did you know that Hampshire County is home to many hidden treasures, known as Geocaches, that you can hunt for?

Each cache is unique, once you find one, open it up and sign the logbook. You may discover some trade or swag items (small toys, keychains, trinkets) inside the geocache. The general rule of thumb is if you take something, leave something of equal or greater value. Then, place the container back exactly how you found it and share your experience online with the rest of the geocaching community. Get started on your treasure-hunting adventure today!

To join the world's largest treasure-hunting community, simply create a free basic account and use or the free Geocaching® app to search for geocaches near your location. With millions of geocaches worldwide, geocaching is a fun, exciting, and affordable family adventure that you can do almost anywhere - even right here in Capon Bridge!